Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Amazon.com's Unwanted Products: Part Two

Yeah. remember the lesson from the last entry? to clear out your Cookies? I clearly did not learn it.

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Goddamnit, why are anal products still so funny...I'm partial to the cameo of Shock Treatment in this.

I think we should have a contest for funniest screen capture from Amazon.com...that'd be neat

Sunday, September 24, 2006

I don't want that, Amazon.com! Let me be!

I was on www.thesneeze.com and I saw his little ad for Amazon and it had an anal douche on it with a caption that said "make it sparkle!" I thought that was relatively funny so I clicked it. I wanted to fully comphrend the use of an anal douche. It was as funny as expected.
So I exit amazon and about an hour later I go back on to look up a price on a CD and now this is on my main page:

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Maybe Im just immature..but I nearly peed myself when seeing THAT as the first thing on Amazon.com. I like the percentages too. The home enema bag is quite popular!!
I actually considered browsing to see if there was actually a used section, but I might not be able to handle it.
The lesson today: always remember to clear out Cookies on the computer. Otherwise you might be staring point blank down the barrel of an anal douche bulb.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

I wish that the Burger King mask was not sold anywhere and that I could get through this halloween without worrying about marissa or bill chasing me or hovering over my bed with the mask on and a knife in their hand or something.

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and Jambi...if I could have one more wish, could you not be so flamboyant and gay?
"only one wish a day, Toni."