Sunday, November 26, 2006

Colossal Fruit Loops: An Epic Adventure

So, I'm eating some Colossal Fruit Loops and every time I have a kid's cereal I do the puzzle on the back. It's mandatory. So, I start this one and within three minutes I'm fucking clueless on what to do. It was a true outrage and crime against society.
So I gave Kellog's a piece of my mind. I wrote them a message through their website:

Dear sirs,
I am nineteen years old and enjoy puzzles on the back of your cereal boxes. They are always delightful and fun and make me feel a tad bit smarter. Needless to say I am a community college student. But this particular puzzle on the back of my Colossal Fruit Loops is just too much. I could hardly figure it out fact, I made an error in pen, therefore cannot complete it. I feel unaccomplished and ashamed. Now imagine how a child would feel if he could not complete the colossal fruit loop. I don't expect anything more than an apology and the promise that the future puzzles will be easier.

I will keep you updated on any response. We will fight this wrong together.

Monday, November 6, 2006

An Inspirational Quote of the Day:

(sitting in the car with my father, he says the phrase "shits and giggles." Immediately after...)

dad: ...I hate that phrase. Who the fuck shits and giggles at the same time? I sure as hell don't.

~This has been your inspirational quote for the day~