Sunday, March 25, 2007

True Ads Frighten Me.

So I'm sure by now everyone has seen the True Ad video of the girl dancing in front of the webcam. She looks like this:

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Okay. That's her.

Well, here's my starts out with her winking and doing flirty things that only drunken twelve year olds do when they find their way into a bar with a fake ID. but thats not what I'm here to talk about:

she gets up and dances like a lunatic for nobody.

First off, if we were to use our imagination and think of this as not an ad, but a real girl who is interested in you, we should assume that she's completely fucking nuts!! She doesn't have a webcam connection on her laptop, therefore this would be her just acting alone in her living room. she talks to you she gets up and dances like a moron in front of her pets. WHY WOULD YOU DATE HER?! Besides the dancing, she talks to herself too! THere's nobody around...who the hell are you talking to, lady?! Imma block you, you is psycho!

and she only lives 14 miles away...she may find where I live and dance in my living room with wax fruit on her head. I'm serious. I want a restraining order. Never speak to me again, Amore4you, if that is your real name. you crazy cunt.

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