Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I'm alive. Where are you?

I return from a very long hiatus with nothing particularly exciting, I just felt terrible that I've neglected my blog for so long. It was not suspenseful build for an amazing post. I apologize.

I come bearing this adorable story sent to me by my brother, though:

SALT LAKE CITY — Sadie and Pyper Vance have had just about enough of high gas prices. The sisters are still years away from being old enough to drive, but that doesn't mean the $4 per gallon price tag isn't hitting them as hard as anyone else.

Cable TV was one of the family's budget-cutting casualties, leaving Sadie, 9, and her 7-year-old sister without their favorite cartoons and shows.

"Gas prices are too high," Sadie said. "I just decided to come and protest so they'd go down."

The girls marched through downtown Monday chanting and carrying signs made from old campaign signs.

"All of my mom's monny goes to the gas tank!" Pyper's sign read. Sadie carried a sign asking drivers to honk to lower gas prices — adding that her mom had to cut "cabel."

The girls got some waves and a few thumbs-up to show support.

"I think it's great," said Hamid Tayeb, who was walking past on his lunch break. "It's unfortunate that kids are doing it before we do."

...Is this cute? Do people find it adorable that the girls can't spell? Or was it creative genius?

I wanna hold up a sign next to them that says "MY CAR HAS GAS. LETS GO BUY BOOKS." and then a friend could stand next to me with a sign that says "SERIOUSLY. THIS SHIT IS NOT CUTE. READ."

Other than that, nothing else particularly funny in my life.

-Mr. Carlin passed away two days ago and that has me down. I'll wear a brown ribbon for you. But you'd probably hate that, so I guess I'll just call you an asshole.

-I'm now officially certified as a teacher's assistant. Watch out, children. Well, actually there is nothing to watch out for because I don't have a teaching job yet. So...keep it on the backburner and know that I just may be in - ah fuck it. I'm not menacing.

-I heard that the Joker dies at the end of Batman. *Rimshot* Ah, I've got a million of Heath Ledger jokes...

-Montreal is stylish. I went there for a week to visit a friend at school and the homeless people dressed better than me. The goth kids actually looked like real punks and not fat fourteen year olds in Iron Maiden shirts (note to self: need to get some pictures up of my glorydays as that kid). The old people who shuffled down the streets accessorized their oxygen tanks with Coach tags. I got back home and my town seemed terribly...smelly and poorly proportioned.

-I've run out of things to talk about. Will be back to post more humor. Will try not to leave you hanging like that for another...uh, few months. heh.

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