Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Defensive Driving? FUCK YOU!

To get 10 percent off my insurance, I went to an eight hour defensive driving course. Needless to say, it's not the most riveting material. Evidently, cars are death traps and everyone is going to kill me. I like to stay positive though. I let my creativity flow in the workbook. Read along with me now.

one one of the first activities, we're supposed to identify what the driving hazard is. Now in this picture, we see a truck being towed backwards, ready to pop off the tow and smash into your front end. What is the hazard?


You never know when it'll happen.

Second activity: What if scenarios.


The last bit I got creative on was not so much an activity as an illustration of how to properly pass someone. I think my way is correct:

Step one:
step one

Step two:
step two

Step three:
step three

At least he was courteous enough to turn off the music to say "UP YOURS."

I also did a drawing of Gandalf standing in the middle lane saying YOU SHALL NOT PASS! but someone was looking over my shoulder and I crossed it out.

So all in all, a very productive class. To quote the old lady sitting in front of me:

"When the fuck is this over? I want to go home."

It was like looking at my own future Bif.


Alicia said...

Yeah! I've been looking forward to more of your posts. Your blog has a permanent spot on my bookmarks tool bar so you really do need to update more.


Someone said...

You're fucking awesome, you know how to rock defensive driving with class.

Anonymous said...

even though u told me about this i still LOLed. fuckin great.

-laina c