Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Womyn, go cook me up a Hungy Myn Dinner.

What Not to Do in a Womyn Classroom

- Do not ask why a feminist always looks so tired all the time.
- Do not offer lipstick in a friendly gesture.
- Do not ring a bell and shout, "laundry's done!"
- Do not claim you are a caterer by profession. This may cause dilemma.
- Do not giggle when a womyn claims the weather interfered with her driving.
- Do not smile and say, "Aw! That's an adorable question!"
- Do not bleach your hair and ask if it looks natural enough.
- Do not promote oral sex as a relationship-saver.
- Do not interupt a womyn speaker. That is her own job.
- Do not suggest a "sammich" as a problem solving technique.
- Do not ask if she made that shirt.
- Do not talk about how cute your bra is today.
- Do not ask why it's really necessary to own a dishwasher.
- Do not claim Ovid knew where it at.
- Do not say, "HERstory? I don't know...he did do all the work..."
- Do not smile when a womyn misspells the word "chauvinistic."
-Do not make a do not list when a womyn professer is merely a glance away from your notebook where you should be taking notes on literature.


Alicia said...

Strangely, I've yet to have few encounters with the "militant" feminist, even being at New Paltz. I'm sure they'll be out in droves when the weather warms up!

cinemazero225 said...

I am not sure that there is a more hate fueled group than uber-feminists...ever noticed that if you call one "sir" (and some of them look more masculine than most men"...they are truly offended...radical feminist usually hate women that have high self esteem and better looking, (hey just because your brother didn't ask you to Jr. Prom, is no reason to hate all men)...ever notice: "No Feminist Scrabble Champions?"