Thursday, January 24, 2008

I refuse you, Ad.

I hate ads, but if it is a niecely pieced together work of art, I can give respect. I may EVEN give it some consideration. "Well, clearly you were written by an intelligent marketer. I am tempted to click you."

What really burns my ass is an advertisement that is thrown together in about forty five seconds, give or take forty seconds. I found a nice example today:


So we have a butterface chick lazing on the floor with her barefeet in the air. Obviously, she's just too busy to go to a real college because she wants to lay there and watch porn all day. Fine. I guess I can understand the relevance. I won't go crazy on this.

However, the grammar is just baffling. It's not "can't quit YOUR job," but "can't quit job?"

Want go college, job no quit? Need pretend smart, no leave Arbys? Maybe impress girl, make parents cry? Buy fake degree, still work Arbys? I could go on.

Every time I look back at it, I can just hear Dong from Sixteen Candles reciting it.

Maybe I should look for a job in this field. At least I can write full sentences.

Want write ad, no have experience? Not problem!

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Comrade Brother said...

"Me fail english? That's unpossible"

...and FYI: hjctghb is not a proper word (word verification and I wrote "no"......