Thursday, March 6, 2008


Thanks to Phoenix Wright, I now think of all of my personal funny situations where I'd like to yell:


For example, an old lady heard me fart. yes. women fart. more than you think. In fact, we're so good at it you'd never know. That was an off day for me. But I digress...

an old lady heard me fart. She stared at me as she passed by with that disgusted look. She's just jealous my digestive system is working properly. As she grimaced at me, I had a powerful urge to turn around, point wildly in her face, and yell:


It would have been beautiful.

Sometimes, I'll overhear a disgusting conversation between two teenage girls about their gritty sex lives. Like:

Brittany 1: I totally went down.
Brittany 2: no way.
Brittany 1: Swear to god. I was really nervous and I knew he hadn't showered for four days but it was cool...
Brittany 2: No way!
Brittany 1: you won't believe what he did to me...
Toni: Photobucket

*point finger* Nobody wants to hear about your filty boyfriend and your humilating stories, you beastly whore!

Ah, I could think of a million of situations where it would fit.

and if I could have the music playing while I did it. Oh my god. I would never want to end this life. I'd be an immortal walking this earth with the sole purpose of yelling:


while this played boisterously in the background:

In fact, re-read this blog with the music playing along. It will empower you.

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