Sunday, March 23, 2008

Why even bother?

I went to see George Carlin last week. It was my first time having the opportunity to see Carlin and I had never been so excited.

Then I find out I'm in the fourth row seats. Now I'm crapping my pants in delight.

George Carlin steps out on the stage and I say "wow. this is a historic moment for me. My comedic hero is only feet away from me and this may be my last chance to ever see him perform."

I must take a picture and document this joyous occasion, but I didn't bring a camera, assuming they're not allowed! Alas! I have a cell phone camera to save the day!


Eh...there is he. George Carlin. He always had such a wonderful facial structure. I think this picture really brings it out, doesn't it?

In closing:
fuck cell phone cameras.

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