Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Oh hai.

It has almost been a year since my last updates (ya know, the ones where I promised I'd update more?) and I must say I miss writing this blog. So, you know what? I'm back. Why not? I want to keep pushing out the funny, so lets see what trivial crap I give mind-birth to this year.

There will need to be a few changes around here though:

1) I'm no longer a community college student. I've recieved my useless Associates. So a new catchline is in order for this place.

2)No more stolen Youtube videos. It seems every video I've posted has been taken down due to lawsuit, embarassment, or pending embarassment. So I'll post my own videos from now on and if necessary - screenshots.

3)I won't disappear for a year long hiatus again. I'd like to say I went on a hajj to find myself, or possibly joined the Crusades (both ends of the spectrum, why not?) but sadly I've been right here, just ignoring you. What a cunt, I know.

4) I'll try and keep the topics varied. I tried my hand at doing review videos of books in the style of AVGN and Nostalgia CRitic - I sadly called it the Angry Lit Critic - and needless to say, nobody cared. It's hard to make a video of something that has absolutely no visuals. So, I'll do my best to keep you interested and not bore you. Although, I may do a text review of the Lonely Lady again because that book was blow your mind awful.

5)To keep morale up, I'm enforcing "wacky tie Fridays" so please - don't be a fucking dick. Wear a wacky tie.

So that's what's up. You'll be hearing from me soon and hopefully I can have your attention back after being a neglectful whore. My apologies.

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Anonymous said...

Here's your wacky tie!