Monday, December 11, 2006

Fuck Olmek

Who knew that giving a ten pound cat a quick bath would be one of the biggest challenges of my life.

Fuck Olmek's Temple. Just throw someone Vincent Vega and a showerhead and let the comedy ensue.

Okay. I walked in to a clean bathroom, in tidy clothes, nice hair, and a few towels. and Vincent Vega of course.

I came out drenched in water from falling in the tub, scratches all over my arm, wild & rediculous hair, and a bathroom splashed with water, soap, and cat hair everywhere (that was when the cat jumped over me and ran circles around the bathroom looking for an escape). Oh, and apparently I stepped on my cell phone holder while getting out of the tub (the cell phone luckily landed on the bathroom rug).

From now on, if the cat is in dire need of a bath like he was today, he's just gonna have to be a grungy little kitty. I'll change his name to Pigpen or Seattle or something.

ah...who am I kidding. I'll never neglect that feline going in with fuckin scuba gear next time though.

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