Monday, December 3, 2007


My birthday is this Friday and my partner in Hallmark crime Chris says that we should have a 40's night as a celebration.

For those who aren't aware: 40's night is a special night with friends where we gather on a dirty carpet in a cottage and drink 40oz Steel Reserves or any other cheap alcohol until blessed euphoria sweeps over us (This particular euphoria has the aftertaste of a steer's bum). Remember: real college kids can't afford wine coolers and microbeers. they can afford two dollars worth of paint thinner equivalency.

Anyway, I think it's a lovely idea to celebrate with a 40's night. Then the best idea comes up.

We'll have a crackhead 40s night themed birthday party extravaganza. We'll go all out too. We'll wear dirty flannel, ripped clothes, and skull caps with broken cigarettes hanging out our mouths. It'll be beautiful. We'll even go buy our 40s dressed like that. We need to be authentic about it.

Is it offensive? yeah. Is it cruel? yeah. Do we care? Not exactly.

Will we probably do it?
-if we do, there will be pictures, I absolutely promise you.

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Alicia said...

I wishhhhhh I could go! Stupid WFE class on Saturday mornings :/